“Without Your Help, My Son Would Have Died Early"

A Lifeline to Freedom


    Dai was premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Just weeks later, his mother fell ill with leukemia and spent most of Dai's first year in the hospital. She died when he was just 14 months old. His grief-stricken father was left to care for Dai under a mountain of debt from his wife's medical treatment. There was no money to seek therapy for his son.

     When Dai was two, his father heard about the therapy center you provide for rural families who have nowhere else to turn. For five years now, Dai has benefitted from therapy and loving care. Progress is slow--but it's happening! Dai can turn and raise his head without assistance and hold on to objects. He receives lots of love and kind words from the staff and other parents. What would have happened to Dai without the therapy center you provide? Thankfully, we will never know. Praise God!

Above: Dai in the arms of his father. You have helped bear the load of their difficult life.

Right:  With regular therapy, Dai's loss of muscle mass has been drastically reduced!



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