You Fueled Trong's Confidence

He Started a Thriving Business


     A few months ago, 20-year-old Trong announced that he was ready to take his next step in life and begin a business to support himself and help his family. An amazing development when you know his story! Your gifts have changed the course of his life.

     Trong is an only child diagnosed with cerebral palsy. At 15 years old, he could not count, read or write. He was nearly immobile, with muscles stiff from inactivity. Even worse, Trong often suffered abuse from his father's explosive violent outbursts. With no social agency to intervene, Trong was withdrawing from life; his eyes always looked downward, and he rarely spoke. He felt unloved and disconnected.

     But you provided a therapy center with loving and skilled staff! In small steps, Trong began to improve. At first, easily frustrated and ready to give up on new tasks, he became more confident with every success. He learned to read, write, and do basic math. He gained flexibility and mobility through exercising his muscles. Perhaps most importantly, you sent therapists to befriend his parents, helping them to develop new ways of interacting and managing their own stress.

     A few weeks ago, Trong visited his friends at the therapy center and brought everyone a hat from his new business. He feels a part of the community and that he has something to contribute!

Pictured: Trong (in the yellow shirt on the left) and his friend model some of the inventory of their online hat business. Through careful marketing and customer service, they are doing well in their venture!



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