You Sent Som to the Hospital

Som in the arms of his dad on the way home. He is still wearing devices that prevent a relapse of nasal deformity. Already he is enjoying his milk--for the first time in his young life! Thank you!

Successful surgery has the whole family smiling


The trouble began the day Som was born to young parents still in their teens.  A severe cleft lip and palate prevented him from receiving nutrition. He was congested, coughing, and sick all the time. The rural village where the family lives rejected the boy, shunning the entire family. Their minority tribe had never seen a child with a cleft lip and palate. Superstition and fear had them pointing fingers of blame at the young couple. Laboring in the fields for meager wages, they worried for Som's life. The birth of Som's brother just five months ago brought joy--along with added responsibility. Could Som survive?

THEN YOU STEPPED IN! When you heard Som's story, you responded. Soon, Som and his dad were on their way to a Danang hospital. The family is now reunited with a new outlook for the future. You made that possible!


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