Not Every Child Walks

Not every child walks. The heartbreak of a struggling baby is multiplied when there is no helper to make a difference. Thanks be to God, that is not the story of little Minh’s life! Because of your loving gifts, Orphan Voice has been there to bring hope and healing to this little one. You see Minh's current picture above. Meet her through her story below.


Minh's Miracle - First Steps To A Brighter Future

From birth, Minh was weak and small. Seizures gripped her tiny body in a cruel vice. Her frantic parents struggled to find hope and answers. They spent their meager income at one rural hospital after another. Finally, a doctor in Danang confirmed a diagnosis: cerebral palsy. A grim outlook with no therapy and no help in sight. 

Distraught, Minh’s parents saw their precious little daughter weaken, slipping away more each day as developmental milestones were missed. When two-year-old Minh arrived at the Orphan Voice Therapy Center in late 2020, she could not walk, crawl, or sit up without support.

Day 1 of therapy, 2020

Our loving therapists immediately began helping Minh with massage and gentle exercise. Within two months, Minh could raise her head and sit up by herself! An emotional transformation was evident as well:

Minh was coming to life!

Your gifts provided equipment for Minh’s home so she could practice new skills she learned with therapists. After the Christmas holiday, Minh arrived at the Center as usual. But after being lifted by her mother from the motorbike, Minh walked into the Center without assistance! Joy erupted from therapists and other families who were there.

In February, Minh’s family traveled to their home village for the Lunar New Year gathering called Tet. They had a reason to celebrate: a smiling, playful toddler exploring new surroundings and soaking in the love!


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