Orphan Voice Partners Touch the Life of a Former Vietcong Soldier

A Journey From The Ho Chi Minh Trail 


To Build a Better Country

During the “American War,” as the Vietnamese call it, the Ho Chi Minh Trail was the all-important, military supply route from North Vietnam, through Laos and Cambodia, to the South. The winding trail, canopied by the leaves of teak, bamboo, and mangrove trees, allowed soldiers to carry critically needed ammunition and food to the Vietcong in the South.

“Hien” was an idealistic, teenage girl from a poor village in Quang Tri Province in 1965. She became convinced that her family and friends could escape their grinding poverty if a socialist political system was established nationally. To do that, the Americans must be driven out. Armed with this purpose and dream, but without knowledge of Jesus’ love for her, Hien left her family and devoted herself to the struggle. She determined to sacrifice all - her life included if necessary - to save her country.


The Life of a Female Vietcong

As the American war dragged on, Hien learned by bitter experience the sacrifices that would be required of her. She spent long hours digging trenches, tunnels and bunkers so that the young men could fight with guns. At times, her back bore loads greater than the ability of her slight frame to carry – with resultant pain. During those years, she wore no shoes nor warm clothes despite temperatures low enough in the mountains to allow for snow. Often hungry, she consoled herself with the knowledge that her male comrades with guns needed the rice more.

Hien’s sacrifice and work paid off. She remembers the day when North Vietnamese soldiers capture Central Vietnam’s - Danang! Independence came soon thereafter when Saigon fell. She was overjoyed.


Hien’s Hard Life After the American War

We know little about Hien’s life in the post-war years. She is silent about them. We know that her hardships continued, though. At times, she was homeless. And we know that Hien eventually birthed two children, a son and a daughter. As adults, Hien’s son was paralyzed in an accident. Her daughter married and had two children of her own.

Hien’s Testimony

We pick up Hien’s story again. In her words:

“I didn’t want to burden my children in old age. I’m 76 now. My son is paralyzed and my daughter has so much to do. I decided to move to Danang. Here, I pick up plastic bottles and sell the plastic for money to buy food. If I feel well enough to work, I can collect and sell enough plastic to eat.

Hien on the streets of Danang

Hien's Home: No Protection From Rain or Robbers

I couldn’t afford a room, so I found plastic sheets and make a small tent to sleep in. I was glad for the covering. But even in my tent, I got wet when it rained. Worse, my tent didn’t protect me when robbers came and stole my things.

Some days I had little to eat. Kind people would hang a bag with rice on a tree for me. I was so thankful! I cooked the rice in the morning with salt and pepper and ate it in the evening. It was so good! One day a dog ran into my tent and stole my rice! I cried and was hungry that day.

Kind Women Give Hien Rice

My life changed when a young man on the street told me about House of Hope. I went there and was accepted! I’ve slept here for two months now. At House of Hope, I have my own room. I have other friends in the House who I sometimes eat soup and rice with. I don’t get wet at night if it rains. Robbers don’t take my things. Mr. Tuan Anh, the headmaster of House of Hope, tells me that Jesus loves me. I have not heard of Jesus before, but I want to learn about him.”

You, as an Orphan Voice partner, provide the monthly rent for House of Hope. That rent allows Hien and eleven others to have a safe place to live. It also allows them to hear and know that Jesus loves them!

You’ll be happy to know that Hien has gained 4 ½ pounds since coming to House of Hope! These days, Hien smiles a lot! You put that smile on her face. Thank you.

Vietnamese Television Does Not Normally Carry Positive News of Christians.

But in the last two months, several newspapers throughout Vietnam have researched House of Hope and written positive articles about it! Danang television news has also featured House of Hope!

According to Mr. Tuan Anh "God is using House of Hope to open the eyes of many Vietnamese Christians. He is showing them that they cannot just stay within the church building. They must reach people outside the church building!

Thank you, Orphan Voice partners. Again, a Danang newspaper wrote: "these young men at House of Hope want to bring God's love to people." This is a miracle for Vietnam!

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