Quan’s Journey to Hope

Quan today. Quan’s smile tells of his successes in and out of the classroom!




In desperation, Quan’s mother Hoa brought him to Hope Therapy Center in 2020. Then seven years old, Quan had learning difficulties resulting in poor academic progress and a host of behavioral problems. Ignored by her husband and constantly criticized by the in-laws the family lived with, Hoa was overwhelmed with feelings of failure and fear for her son. Teachers at a local learning center gave scant comfort or encouragement. Week after week, Quan grew more frustrated, uncooperative, and wild. Hoa despaired of his angry outbursts and the barrage of belittling disapproval at home. When her friend told her about Hope Therapy Center, Hoa was hanging onto hope by a thread. She mustered the courage to try one more time, despite the hour-long motorbike drive to the center.

“Others do not understand.
But the long drive is no matter to me.
My son is getting better.”
-Hoa, Quan’s Mother




At first, Quan resisted the friendly invitations of the therapists to try anything new—even with games. But persistent love paid off!  Now nine years old, Quan is a different child. He displays much more emotional control, even with difficult tasks. His grades have improved—especially in math. Hoa’s life is better as well. No longer beaten down by self-doubt, Hoa has learned many strategies to help her son thrive. Your love has done that for this family! Thank you.


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