To Stop Traffickers

 You protected Loan. She doesn't know you, so she can't thank you. We thank you on her behalf.


 Abandoned by her parents, Loan lived with her disabled grandparents in a one-room, dirt-floor shack. It had one bed and no bathroom. At 16, she struck out on her own and moved to Danang hoping for a better life. She was innocent - a victim in waiting.

     In Danang, Loan took a job selling bread at night to rough migrant workers outside a poorly lit industrial park. She was in danger. Loan didn't know it, but she stood at the edge of disaster.

     Thankfully, she didn't fall over the edge. Friends told us about Loan and your gifts provided mentoringfriendshipguidance, a rented room in a safe part of town, and eventually tuition for cooking classes. In short, you protected and guided her.

     Loan loves cooking! She'll soon graduate, find a job, pay her bills, and support herself.

     During this process, Loan was born-again. She's following Christ! 


Orphan Voice
P.O. Box 910410
Lexington, KY 40591
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