Two-Directional Love


You Loved the Mom

    Chau boarded a bus from her countryside home for Danang, hoping for a better life. After arriving in Danang, she soon found a job. Then she met a young man who said he loved her. When she became pregnant, he disappeared. Rejected and alone, Chau was overwhelmed with fear. Abortion seemed to be her only way out.

     The love of Orphan Voice partners met Chau when one of her friends brought her to our attention. In the following weeks, she received your love through personal counseling, medical care, and nutritious food. 

    Slowly, Chau's outlook improved. Learning about her baby's development, abortion became unthinkable. Today, she wants to parent! She can't wait to meet her baby!

You Loved the Baby

  After high school, Lien left her dysfunctional mountain home and moved to Saigon. A boyfriend and pregnancy followed. Intense pressure to abort hit her – first from her boyfriend and then from his mother. Determined that her child would live, Lien moved to Danang. But she was alone.

     Your love and gifts saved her. Before you came along, she had no helper. You paid for her doctor's visits, rent, vitamins, and nutritious food. The result? Well, see Baby Sang for yourself below! You did that.


Left: Chau joyfully awaits the arrival of her baby! Right: Baby Sang is now safe in his mother's arms!

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